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I have to say, I was never quite clear on the definition of class, so I think I’ve always…

I have to say, I was never quite clear on the definition of class, so I think I’ve always been more of a class clown than I’d like to admit.

Class is kind of tricky, but there are definitely some kinds of people that are truly more “classy” or “class conscious” than others. I do think that a lot of people have a hard time defining it and even identify what it means. Many, though, have a hard time knowing what to do with it or how to use it.

I would actually use the word “class” to describe anyone who is just a “class person.” There are a lot of good examples in the literature that have been presented in this book, such as the famous “Dictionary of class names” by Rennie Smith (who is perhaps the hardest user to describe the term). However, I have a feeling that there are plenty of others out there who are completely wrong on the definition of “class.

I think the biggest problem with using class to describe people is that it is so vague that it becomes impossible to use to describe anything. There are so many things a person can be in class for that you wouldn’t know what any of them mean.

I can see why I’m not the biggest fan of the idea of class in this context, but I don’t know that it is the only reason. You would think that we would be able to define “class” with the same ease that we talk about “fashion”, but in many ways class is so much more complicated than that.

An example of class in the game is the “Jumper” being an annoying, obnoxious, and sometimes, just plain stupid person. We would go back and find that when we had all the time in the world that we spent at the movies and the movies and actually played the game, it was the perfect class.

I’m not sure if the class quotes are meant to be jokes or not, but they certainly add a lot to the game. The game is clearly meant to be a satirical look at our current society; there are even some instances where the player has to make a choice of what class they want to belong to. In the game, class is a very real thing. The player can be a working stiff, a student, the CEO of a company, or a maid.

The class quotes provide some of the most humorous bits in the game. For instance, the player can choose to be a maid and have to clean up after the other maids (she has to ask for permission to do that) or the CEO and have to clean up after the company itself (she has to ask for permission to do that). Or the player can choose to be a working stiff and have to clean up after the other working stiff (which is apparently the most common decision of all).

The quote “I could go on like this forever” is one of the more memorable quotes in the game. It’s not the funniest but it’s the most memorable.

A woman with class quotes or a woman who says something stupid about a certain game or other piece of content should look to the person who’s saying that to get a better picture of the person’s response.

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