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If my kids could go on playing golf the way I do, I’d be much happier. Maybe it’s because they’re playing golf all the time, which I think is a great way to get out of their way.

But golf, even when the other kids are playing on the other side of the fairway, is still a great way to get out of their way. That’s especially true when it comes to the putting green.

In golf, the putting greens are like the real deal because they actually move when you hit the ball. I played with a bunch of friends who all play golf and they’ve all said that it’s the best thing ever.

My friends have a tendency to play golf very hard, especially when it’s the most fun to play.They say its the best way to play golf. They’ve got to play hard, it’s better to lay your hand on the ball and try to keep it in the bag.

I played a lot of golf a few years ago and Ive never stopped the urge to play. Ive never played a big game. Ive played a couple of times a year, and its fun to watch as the ball goes by and the strokes roll by.

Thats pretty much the same thing that most golfers say when they ask me why they play, but Ive never really thought it was all that important. Its the best way to play golf. Its just a game, and it is very effective at teaching your body that it can out-work a lot of other muscles. A lot of the time I just need to try to get the ball out of the range of my feet and putt.

So when we play golf, we don’t really think about the strokes that we play. We think about our scores. What score is it that we need to win? When we say we want to win a tournament, we mean that we want to win a number of strokes, and that we want to be the better golfer.

A lot of people who play golf are in a sort of mental state where they just have a good idea of how many strokes they need to win, and they can actually visualize how many strokes they need to win. But when it comes to actually hitting the ball, the real thinking stops. What happens on the golf course is that you play the game and you see the hole, or the line, and you then get the feeling that you are actually making the putt.

It’s true. When it comes to golf, nothing is real. It’s all a matter of feeling. And the longer you play a game, the less you really feel like you are making the putt. And that’s why you’re always at your best when you hit the ball straight, and not that way.

I think the best golf quotes are those that are short and sweet.

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