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I am a big fan of the big bang theory. When I was in college I read about the big bang theory, and it made me think…what if there was a time before the big bang when our universe was a tiny, tiny speck of dust? If we could see that tiny speck in front of us, we would be able to see the entire universe in front of us. That is, if we could see all of the universe as a tiny speck.

To me, the big bang is the moment that all of cosmic history happened. It is the moment that makes the universe what it is. Before that point, everything was the same as it is now. We can’t see what the universe was like before the big bang, but we can see what it is now.

Big Bang Theory makes the big bang sound so big. I don’t understand it, but I accept it. When I was a kid, my dad used to say that the universe was so big that it made you dizzy. Well, this is the universe, so it does make you dizzy.

The big bang is not that big of a deal, but the universe is big. You are the sum of all things that ever existed. This is your universe. So when you look at the universe, you are looking at ALL of it. At the beginning of time, when a single light bulb was lit, it created a universe. At the end of time, when the light bulb was extinguished, it became a universe. The universe we live in is made of light bulbs.

If you are familiar with scientific cosmology, you know that an observer like the Big Bang creates an event horizon in space-time. An event horizon is a boundary where space-time ceases to exist. The universe is an event horizon. We cannot see the universe because we live inside it. We can only see the event horizon, and it is just as big as the universe itself.

In the universe we live in, it is a black hole. As the universe expands, it reaches the event horizon. As space-time becomes less and less, it approaches the event horizon. When it does, it is no longer a black hole. It doesn’t disappear into a black hole. It simply becomes the event horizon, and it is now completely big. The space-time region it covers is just a black hole, the only time-looping universe.

The event horizon is a very special region of space-time. It is a point where the space-time region which stretches out from the black hole is singular. This means that the space-time region which stretches out from the black hole is infinite in space-time, and the time-loop loop is impossible to travel back in time. This has many different implications. For example, the time loop can’t be extended backwards in time, and can only be extended forwards in time.

As I was writing this, I found myself thinking about how the event horizon is a place where we are not only surrounded by a black hole, but also a hole. In other words, it is a place where space-time has an edge. This means that space-time has a boundary. Space-time is continuous and closed, but space-time is a boundary.

A space-time boundary is a boundary around a space-time event. When we say that the space-time event has a edge, it means that anything not in the event horizon can be affected by time. For example, space-time might be curved, it might be time traveling, it might be time as we know it, it might be a black hole, but it doesn’t matter. It is only an edge over time.

There is no edge in time, only in space. There is no edge in space, only in time. And while it doesn’t matter what shape the space-time event is, it doesn’t matter what shape the space-time event is. We can use time to tell time stories, but we can’t tell space stories. We can tell time stories about space-time, but we can’t tell space-time stories.

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