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To celebrate this past birthday, I decided to make a cake pun.

I love puns.

I am not a fan of puns. They’re not cool. They’re like the cliche of stupid, but I refuse to take offence to them and try to do something with them. In my opinion, a pun is like a joke. It’s a bit like a sentence that makes a joke but it’s not. A pun is just a word that’s used as a punch line.

Punning cake with the word ‘cake’ is just like making a joke about cake and then using it as a punch line. It’s a type of joke, and is almost always the case in real life.

I don’t know much about the game, but in my opinion it’s still a great game and I do like playing it. I love the fact that you can make it like candy with a few small steps and then just keep going until you get to the end of the cake.

One thing I find funny about cake puns is there are very few people who actually know that cake is a noun, and a lot of the time they are just made up.

The most common joke is that it seems like it’s a simple thing. Sometimes people get a little excited about the thought process of making a cake and then simply make up an idea and then laugh. You just know that this is easy, and it’s just the way of doing it.

Cake puns have always been a bit of a mystery to me. I think my favorite one is this one: “One day he came home with a cake and told his wife that it was a miracle he didn’t get cancer, and they still made the same cake every year.” I get that the cake was the miracle because cancer had nothing to do with it. But I still find funny that it’s the cake that is a miracle, that is something that was the miracle.

We still have to find something else to celebrate, and I think I’ve done that too. Even if I don’t, it’s still a fun way to celebrate. If you’re on the hunt for an old friend or a new friend, I would love to have you join me on the hunt.

If you have a friend coming over later to celebrate with you, and you want to add a special touch to your celebration, you can always take a birthday cake and turn it into a game of Pictionary. You can decorate it with some of your favorite foods or with your favorite words. But it helps to have a theme, and I think that a fun way to celebrate a birthday is to decorate it with the words of the person you’re celebrating with.

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