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Every soccer player is a little bit different, so I’m sure you’ll find something in here that resonates with you.

If you find yourself thinking about soccer in the wrong way, or if you’re just too lazy to look it up, I highly recommend watching this clip from the 2006 World Cup where we see a little bit of Messi and Suarez in action.

There you have it, a little bit of soccer from the past, in the wrong way. You can find more soccer quotes in our Soccer Quotes page.

We’d also like to point out that this is the only thing on our site that isn’t a soccer video. We’ve tried to make this site not just about soccer quotes, but also about the meaning of soccer as a whole. We don’t want to just focus on the matches, because that’s boring, and we don’t want to be just a soccer site.

Soccer is a sport, and a game. But it’s also a religion as well as a social phenomenon. Its history is important too. As much as I love Messi, and Suarez, they are only two of the many great players to come out of soccer. There are countless others, including Ronaldinho, Landon Donovan, Thierry Henry, and many others that are just as good but who do not get nearly as much attention as they deserve.

The beauty of soccer is that it evolves and adapts to fit in with the times. It is a game that has always played a bit of a dirty game between the rivalries of the top teams in each region. It has always had many great managers and great players, but when the game starts to become more serious its often forgotten that it was a game of soccer first and then a game of politics.

As a player, Thierry Henry was very much a “footballer” but as a manager, he was very much a politician. His first job after he graduated was to be assistant coach of the team he had coached for years. The coach he played for had become a national coach and the coach he played for was a national coach, so he had to make sure that he was not a politician. That’s the way football works.

The key to your life’s success lies in your character. Like the football fans you want to play as a player, the players you want to play in the game. When you get into the game, you go from being a football coach to having a lot of money.

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