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We all love fine dining in the same way, so why not pick a favorite quote or two from a famous person and share it with your friends. What would you say to someone who was about to go to a fine dining restaurant? Did you know someone who was going to be a regular at a fine dining restaurant? Take a moment to consider the following quotes from famous people.

#1: “As our guests arrive, the waiters begin to serve the food. As we enter the dining room, the waiters return to their stations. We place our orders. We remove our shoes. We eat. We drink. We do whatever is necessary to complete our meal.

I really hope that was just a thought.

It’s a common situation when you’re in a fine dining restaurant with other diners. You order, the waiter comes back, you eat, and by that time it’s late. So you order another drink, the waiter returns, you drink, you finish, and it’s time to leave. But you know that the waiter has already finished and is putting the dishes in the washer, and you can’t bear to leave.

No, I don’t think that’s how it works. You just order another drink, and then the waiter returns. You don’t want to think about the waiter’s response. For example, if you order one drink, and he’s not satisfied, you leave the table and go back to the washer.

So what happens next is you order another drink. Then you finish your drink, and then you go home. But when you get home you realize you forgot your wine and drink anyway, and you drink that, and then you take another drink, and then you take another drink, and your drunk. And you think it cant go on. You start thinking about the waiter.

This is a problem with most restaurants. The waiter will probably call you over and ask what your drink is. And you’re not going to say “I ordered a bottle of wine, and I don’t think it was good, but it was my first wine of the day”. You are probably going to say “I ordered a bottle of wine, and I think it was good, but I didn’t want it to go to waste”.

We all have our own preferences, but I think the waiter should try to be kind to you, and maybe even try to convince you that the wine you ordered was good. This is all a matter of personal taste though. I think it would be better if the waiter tried to make your order more interesting.

If I had to choose one of those things, I would order a wine that was a little bit cheaper. It would be a lot cheaper, but it would be a little bit different for me. The only thing I like is that I get a bunch of compliments from people asking me for wine that I love. And I usually get compliments from people that I’d never get to ask for wine.

I mean, if you were to ask me for a wine that I love, that would be the exact same thing as saying I love you. I would be lying and cheating to you. Of course, I could be lying and cheating and it wouldn’t matter because I would be in the same situation, but still.

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