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Yes, but I’m sure he didn’t.

I have to say, I have to be the first to tell you that astronaut doesn’t really mean it’s a good thing. Like, it’s not a good thing to have a human-powered spacecraft floating away. It’s not a good thing to be floating around, and I think that’s why astronauts have trouble floating away. It’s a lot easier to think that we’re floating around on a boat than a spacecraft.

There are several different types of floating, but the three that most people are familiar with are: floating on land, floating in a body of water, and floating in space. The first two are both easy, but if you are in a body of water you have to worry about getting stuck in the water (or floating away from the boat). Floating in space is another story.

Space is a pretty weird place, especially for someone who’s always been in a body of water. You don’t have to worry about getting stuck in the water because you don’t have any fins on your feet or you can use your rocket belt to get around. Just as interesting is why astronauts are afraid of floating away.

In the long-term astronaut can get pretty lonely, but he is not the only person who has a fear of floating away. Remember those spacesuits? The ones that kept us from floating away? Well, in space they were never really a priority. They were only designed to protect you from the vacuum of space, not the actual dangers. But that was all they were designed to do.

Maybe this is why astronauts keep a small crew of friends to support them in space. Maybe that’s the closest to being the real astronauts we’ll ever get. Also, I’m pretty sure a lot of the astronauts we saw in space had that little crew, but they were the ones who stayed on the ship.

It was a long while ago we had a crew of astronauts, so maybe NASA has one now. We don’t know for sure though, because they were on the Mars Rover or something.

Maybe we’re all just floating in space, not knowing what’s going on.

I wish we could have seen more of the crew on the rover. They probably would have made a great movie.

I think you just saw the best one for me. The real astronauts we saw in space were the ones who were all there to do a job, because they were the ones who stayed on the ship. But we can’t see them any more because they died, either by accident or on the ship itself. And I really thought we’d see the real astronauts on Mars Rover, but it’s been a LONG time.

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