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A funny dance or routine is something that is not so much funny, but that is so cute and lovable that you just have to smile at it. Dance quotes are such a huge part of people’s lives, you can’t help but feel like they are making you smile.

It is really hard to describe. One of the funniest quotes I ever heard was by a man named Paul Revere. He said, “In this new century, I’ve read books, I’ve seen movies, and I’ve listened to music. And now I’m going to dance!” I hope you’re not the type to read a book or see a movie and think you are going to dance.

Now thats an awesome quote, and I would absolutely love to hear more from him about it.

I think as people get older, they get to a point where they just want to dance and have fun. Unfortunately, some people are afraid to dance and are afraid they will look ridiculous. I think as the younger generation grows up, we are going to see more and more people like Paul Revere, who wants to dance and have fun and not try to look like a silly old man.

The first of my five favorite quotes from the film is when I first heard of it, I got an email from Steve Jobs saying, “I wanted to take a look at the video that David Bowie directed. If you’re gonna dance, I’ll be happy to show you.” I was instantly excited… because I was already like, “Yeah, you can do that.” I thought, “No, no, no.

As we all know, you can’t just give a dance party to a woman. You have to give it a shot. It’s important. If you want to dance, you have to pay attention. If you want to be an old man, you have to pay attention. If you want to be a kid, you have to pay attention. You can’t just give a dance party away.

The video is also full of hilarious dance quotes by Bowie, including “This is my dream and I wanna go back to the beginning and change it. And I wanna get it back.” and “I don’t know. It’s like there’s something inside me that’s saying, “you know, you should put on a dress and take me to the dance floor.” and “I’m gonna do it.” and “I’m gonna go to the dance floor.

I mean there is a lot of dancing in the video, but it’s not really that funny. Bowie’s voice is a little off, plus it’s not a fun song.

Bowie is not one to shy away from dancing either. He was quoted as saying: “I went to the dance floor and I saw a girl with long hair and pink hair. And I said to myself, I wanna have a little dance with this girl. And I went and I said, ‘this is my girl.’ And she said, ‘I wanna go to the dance floor.

While the dancing in the video isn’t as good as it could be, the dancing itself is pretty hilarious. When a person starts to get in the mindset of dancing, which usually means getting into a new way of dancing, there are two things that tend to happen: the first is that they tend to lose the ability to actually dance. The second is that they become very self-conscious about their dancing and tend to dance with less energy.

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