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The iPhone 5S is a great device on the market, but it is also a great device. The screen is bigger than the S4, but not really. You can do a lot more with the 5S than you can with the S4.

Although the phone has a bigger screen, you get a lot more in the way of apps, and the interface is better. You can use it to play games like Candy Crush, music apps like Soundcloud, and you can use the phone to stream video and photos.

This is especially true if you’re in the market for a new phone, as the 5S is a lot of times cheaper than the S4. Also, the iPhone 5S has a larger screen than the iPhone 5. Though this makes it difficult to type, the screen is much better than on the S4. Because the 5S has a larger screen, it’s easier to use apps like Maps, Messages, and FaceTime. With the 5S, you get a better keyboard.

The new iPhone 5S is pretty much the same as the iPhone 5, but with a larger screen. The new iPhone 5 is the only phone that comes with an improved front-facing camera. A camera like the one the iPhone 5 uses is crucial for video and photo app use and the iPhone 5S is the only phone that comes with a camera that captures 720p video.

The new iPhone 5S has some pretty spectacular features, too. With the new camera and the front-facing flash, it’s possible to video chat on the go. And with the screen a bit larger, you can more easily play movies and games on your phone from your iPhone.

The iPhone camera is pretty amazing. It’s the first phone I’ve ever owned that I was willing to take out my iPhone 4 in order to record video. I was also using the iPhone 4 in order to record photos, but I had no idea how good it was. And I’m not just talking about the camera. The iPhone 5S has the fastest CPU of any iPhone yet, and its faster than the iPhone 5, the iPhone 4, and even the iPhone 4S.

It’s a shame the iPhone 4 didn’t have the same camera technology as the iPhone 5. It’s because of this that the iPhone 4S has a much better camera. To me, the iPhone 5S is a better phone, but it has more limitations in the battery department because it only has two hours of battery life.

I love the iPhone 5S because it’s super fast and it has a camera that’s as good as any other phone on the market. The battery life though is a major problem because there’s no way it can handle all the pictures you’ll be taking while playing with your phone. I’m not saying you should buy an iPhone 4S if you’re interested in taking photos in space, but the iPhone 5S is a better phone.

My iPhone 4S has a screen that isn’t as sharp as the iPhone 5S on my iphone 5 as well as I have to use the 4S for some serious browsing and gaming. If youre into gaming, get an iPhone 5S because its better in this regard.

For serious photo and video use, you should look into an Android phone, such as an HTC EVO 4G, LG G2, or Nexus One. These phones are great because they can take advantage of their larger screen to get more use out of their camera and video.

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