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The quote from the movie “The Big Lebowski” that the character Tom Hanks said was the single best line in the movie? “The only thing that matters in this world is how I feel.” There are a lot of ways to express feelings and this line sums it up perfectly.

This quote is more or less in line with the theme that we discussed in the last entry, but maybe it’s a little more subtle? (I’m not saying it’s subtle, but it’s not blatantly obvious either.) What it really means is that Tom Hanks feels like the only thing that matters in this world is how he feels.

This is a really nice moment, but it’s not what we were talking about. A line like this is meant to express a certain way of life, to convey something that’s important that resonates with the viewer. It’s not meant to express the truth about the character; instead it’s meant to express the emotional bond between two people. And as we’ve already discussed, that bond is something that is very crucial to the development of the character.

When we first meet Colt Vahn he’s just another guy doing his job. That part doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that he’s a character in a game that has a lot of story and that every character has a deep emotional relationship with their leader.

To be in a relationship with your character, you have to feel as close to them as you can without actually saying anything to them. Just because you have a really deep emotional bond with someone doesnt mean you need to show it to them.

That’s why I love the quote at the end of the trailer. The way I see it, the relationship between our protagonist and Colt Vahn is the same kind of relationship that the characters in games with deep emotional bonds have with their leader. In other words, the relationship is a relationship that should be kept secret. Because, like I said, you have to feel as close to someone as you can without actually saying anything.

Speaking of secrets, I’ve been told by one or two people in the past that Colt feels the same way about everyone around him. I’ve also heard the same thing about some of his fellow party-goers, so I can’t say I completely trust that he has the best intentions. He was the leader of Blackreef for a while before he was found by a man named The Machine who took over the island, and after that he became a leader of the Visionaries.

To me, it’s about the whole game.

I don’t know about you, but I find myself always wanting to know the backstory of my characters. I think it’s something that I need to do a lot more of in the future. The more I think about it, the more I feel like I want to. I mean, what if I’m actually just a character in a game? It would be a lot more interesting to see what happens from different perspectives than just what’s happening to me.

I am a writer who is obsessed with story. I am not interested in seeing characters get hurt for the sake of story. I want to know what they are thinking and what they are doing, and if they are doing something right.

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