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Milkshake captions are probably the funniest things to come along in recent memory. My friend and I were watching a video of a guy at a bar who was explaining his life through a milkshake. The words “I used to think that I was a vegetarian”, “I used to think I wasn’t racist”, and “I used to think that I was a Democrat” were all said in the same sentence.

But when I started to use my own words, I realized that I was actually a Milkshake. They were laughing it off while I was telling them that I was actually a Milkshake. It was all very funny.

There’s a lot of people who don’t like the title of this blog, because they think they are the only ones who are the “Milkshake” and that they have a special relationship with the milkshake. But I’m not here to tell you how to think about things. I’m here to tell you about the things that I think about. I’m a Milkshake.

I’m definitely a milkshake. What I’m about to tell you is how I think about things. I’m a Milkshake because I have a very special relationship…

When you’re on the phone with someone, you’re very much interested in talking to them, and they are going to be like, “Do I have any idea how much I have to spend? How much time I have to spend on my car? Should I get the car back?” and they’re like, “Sure. But what if I get the car back? What?” and they’re like, “This is so weird.

A Milkshake is a person who finds it difficult to explain themselves to others. They often end up talking through their milkshakes or other things in their conversation, and end up not being able to properly explain their point. A Milkshake is someone who ends up explaining their point to themselves in their own words.

A Milkshake is the opposite of a Mille-Kum, a person who talks through their milkshake. A Milkshake is a person who is always trying to explain their point, to themselves, and has trouble explaining it to others. They usually end up sounding like a mille-kum.

I don’t know if Milkshakes are a thing anymore, but they are a common thing in the milkshake culture. The milkshake culture is the culture of self-explaining your point to yourself. The milkshake culture is also the culture of trying to explain your point to others.

In death, the milkshake is the last person you see. They’re usually around 50-60 years old. They usually wear glasses, and wear a “milkshake” t-shirt. They may also have a goatee and the milkshake is usually on the side of their head.

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