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I have a friend. I’ve known her for almost a decade. She lives in the suburbs and she’s a total party animal, but she’s also down to earth. She’s really good friends with me, and I’ve known her for a long time. She’s an incredible cook and has been a great friend with me, and she’s also so much smarter than me.

Of course, I know this is my friend’s opinion, not that of any of my friends. But it would be a really really really bad joke if my friends actually thought that I was smarter then them. A lot of people my age were able to make a decent living with the same amount of effort as I put into my career.

That’s because people are people, to some extent. And one’s smart is most definitely not always the same as another’s. To be honest, I’m not sure I would call my friends smart, but I wouldn’t say they weren’t, either. I love how we can talk about this stuff and still be friends. I’m sure we’ve all had our share of dumb conversations. It’s part of the human condition.

One of the things that I think about as I look back over my wine-drinking days is that it was a time when I was in a really good mood. It was also a time when I was pretty sure that I was a genius. Not the type to lie about your intelligence, but the type to talk about how much you know and how much you should be proud of. Because in those years, I think I realized that I was actually pretty smart.

Of course the fact that I was in a good mood at the time also meant I was not drunk as a skunk. But in this particular scenario, I was in a really good mood. And as I look back on the time I spent getting drunk, I am sure that I was not alone in my ability to lie and get away with it.

There is no shortage of other cool people in our world who are actually great at hiding their failures from us. But these people are not as funny as the others are. And they are more likely to be laughing their heads off when we talk about them. I can tell you that, when you are drunk, you can’t tell people you’re drunk because of the way they look and act and you have a really great time.

Another favorite factoid is that people who are drunk are more likely to be drinking wine. This is because alcohol is a more effective way to keep the truth from spilling out. You can’t fake your drunkenness. And when you’re drunk, you can’t remember things.

I think this is one of the most important things about wine. It is impossible to put the bad taste of a drink behind you if you are drinking it. The only way to do this is to drink wine and tell people what you are drinking. And once you tell them what you are drinking, they will never forget you and you will always be able to tell them about the good wine.

One of the reasons wine tastes like wine is because it has a strong flavor that comes from it. And when you drink it, the wine you drink will be stronger. And this is true whether you drink wine or not. A bottle will say it’s because it has a strong flavor. A bottle is not a wine.

This is true for everybody, whether they are drinking wine or not. But it’s also true for everyone. In fact, most of the time people drink wine because it makes them feel good. For example, if you drink wine because it has an intense flavor, it can make them feel good. And if you drink wine because it has a strong flavor, it’s pretty awesome. So if you drink wine a lot more than you want to, it will make you feel good.

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