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I can’t help but wonder what has gotten into your brain like a spongy little blob of jellyfish? This is what you get when you get a little salty about something that’s getting your ass down.

It seems like we are getting a little salty about something. While I think it is a perfectly acceptable thing in this day and age to voice your opinion about whatever it is you are upset about, I don’t think its appropriate to share a very personal and intimate piece of information. Also, I think that there are a ton of racist things that are being said about this game with no evidence.

I know that most of the other comments on this post are either about the game or about something else going on in the world, but I still feel compelled to chime in. I dont think anyone is taking anything that is said seriously.

I dont think it is a good idea to have a long discussion about these things (like the game itself) and not discuss them in the least. I certainly don’t want to do that with you.

Well first of all, you are in a discussion with someone who has just finished a game and is talking seriously about the game. In that case, I would suggest you not go any further with it. Also, it appears that the game is not racist, which is fine. I don’t doubt that everyone is having fun, but that’s not the point.

The game is not racist. You can’t be racist if you dont have a racist mindset. It is simply your mindset that is changing.

One of the most common arguments I see from players is that the game is sexist. I agree, but that shouldn’t stop it from being a game.

The game is sexist. I dont agree either. I think the game is sexist by nature because it’s supposed to be a fun game.

I think you can be a sexist because everything I say is true that’s true. It’s ok because it’s true. And I think that’s why it’s sexist.

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