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The title of this post is a funny thought, but the funny thing is the quote is only in…

The title of this post is a funny thought, but the funny thing is the quote is only in hindi. However, the post has some great quotes to remind you of the friendship you have.

There are a lot of funny quotes on the internet, and this one is the best. Every blogger knows that they aren’t funny in person, but as a thought form, they’re always a lot more enjoyable if you read them online. So here are some quotes from our friends on the internet that you should read.

One of our favorite quotes on the internet is this one.

The quote is from our friend and the post is of the top three funniest quotes on the internet.

We found this one on a post on This is the perfect example of how funny quotes can be found online while being very true, and how you should always check this out.

As you can see, the quote is true and the post is very funny. This is a great example of a great quote that should be on your page.

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The funny and true quote about “friendship quotes” is from a blogpost written by the blogger on the same blogpost you can find the quote. So this is a great example of a good and true quote and should be on your page.

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