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This is more of a self-deprecating poem; my friends and I always had a hard time with it, but I think it says so much. I know that the truth of the matter is that we all have friends that we’ve lost touch with. This poem was meant to be something akin to a goodbye to my childhood friends and I. The fact of the matter is that I have no idea what would have happened if I had those friends.

The truth is that I do in fact have a real-life friend that I’ve lost touch with. His name is Mark, and he lives in a little town in Nebraska. He’s a mechanic, and I think he’s the only person who has really gotten my back. I’ve talked to him a lot about the things that have been going on in my life since I became a Christian.

The two of us talked about stuff like the fact that while we were in the middle of dating, he had a heart attack. The fact that someone could be a friend to someone after one heart attack and not be aware of it. Or that one of the things that I felt God had done for me was that I could now make plans with Mark. I said that I couldn’t wait to be with him again.

I’m just getting started with the “why didn’t I know this?” comments. This one is particularly relevant. Why the universe did we all have such different reactions to the same thing. I know that I’m not the only one who thinks all of this. I don’t mean to sound jealous, but I have a very unique perspective on this issue.

If I may, I have to make a few points about the topic of friends. For one, I think we need to take into account that God is good, and one of the things that he has done for us is to bring us people we could have never befriended, people who have become a part of our lives, people who make us happy. These are some people that I know who have become part of my life, people who I have known since I was a kid.

That’s awesome. You’ve known them since you were a child, yet they have become a part of your life. That’s awesome.

I think we need to realize that many people in our world are in a state of constant pain and struggle, and many of them are not only experiencing the pain of others, but the pain of their own lives. Of course, that doesn’t mean we should look at this as a bad thing, or that we shouldn’t look at this as an opportunity for us to be a better person.

That makes sense. You see people who have no friends, who have no family, who have few positive relationships and very little positive experience in their life. I think a lot of us have friends and family we care about (even if they dont see ourselves as friends), and many of us have positive relationships with people we dont even know. These relationships can be tough, but it can also be really cool.

When it comes to friendships, it’s really important to let people know that you care about them. You can’t expect them to find out about your life right away. By that I mean that you should make it a priority to talk to people like they are someone you would talk to about anything. That doesn’t mean you should always be in your inbox, but you can’t just expect it, as it’s not always easy to do.

Having friends are definitely a big part of a person’s life that they want to share with, but its especially important to let them know that you care about them. It also helps when people are in the same place in life and you feel comfortable talking about the things that matter. The other thing to do is to make it a priority to tell people that you care about them.

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